Composite Presentation photographs

For beautiful, unique and truly bespoke presentation, have your chosen images presented in one photograph. Each composite comes complete with a 'certificate of authentication', the single pictures signed by the photographer; your choice of text can be added as required.

To find the photos you’d like please visit 'How It Works' and note the ‘Photo ID’ for each photograph, you can collect your preferred images in ‘My Lightbox’. If you have any questions, or can’t find a specific player, match or photo you are looking for then please contact me personally at

Giclée Photo

16” (Longest side) high-quality, fine-art digital print on archive paper                    

£70 excluding postage and  VAT


Mounted and matted Photo

16" x 12" print in a 20" x16" textured white card mount                           

£90 excluding postage and VAT


16" x 12" Mounted, Matted and in a 2" black wooden frame

16 x 12print in a 20x16 mount (textured white card) in a 2 inch black frame 

£170 excluding postage and VAT


All your requests will be handled personally, so that we can agree any text to be used and in the photographs are chosen and printed according to your personal requirements.

If you would like specific wording on the image mount, perhaps several photographs within the same frame, prints or photos with a bespoke crop or other personal requests, please email Pete Jenkins at